14 Kasım 2010 Pazar

what"s the frequency, kenneth? ; god"s entertainment at WUK, continued on Burggasse indian restaurant

while there is a videomappin event in IST
evrim is back in Vienna in an animation workshop all day
with little sleep and still estoy animada!
and she comes home for a nap before going out to a great performance by " god`s entertainment"
and at home she wants to wore onto the comp however her comp is kaput? no electricity
she was precisely thinking about electricity the whole day at different occasions
so now no electricity in her comp
so she goes out to the perf. and then she dances for a few hours nonstop at wirr to the 60s music with a mojito well prepared with strangers who enjoy dancing in a sort of communion
and thanks to her flatmate"s pretty comp she can write this post and check the upcoming events&responsöbölötöes oh wow responsäblätäes animated responsibilities ok there she goes finally getting the spellin right
lot to do lot to do still
we have all the time in the world nothin more nothin less
and she misses the light in her comp.
light and electricity
ah these frequencies...
"machines take me by surprise with great frequency."
alan turing

"The story behind "What's the frequency, Kenneth?" is actually quite fascinating. You see, William Tager was the local psycho in New York. He thought CBSNews was beaming signals into his head. Naturally, when he saw Dan Rathers walking down the street, he ran up and beat the crap out of him, repeatedly requesting the frequency of the signals so he can stop them, while addressing Rathers as "Kenneth" for no apparent reason to this date. "


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