28 Kasım 2010 Pazar

ankerbrotfabrik - the french connection

nov. 27; ankerbrotfabrik; wien
photo by: deniz aygün

i have no difficulty finding my way to the ankerbrotfabrik: just follow the groups of folks who just look like they are going there...
music did not interest me that much. only the building itself and this head-band: nice work. and some details in the excess of works hung around. i felt like i met the artists just by looking at their works.
met a number of nice people - just too pointless to speak among all that banging drums
hmm the brass band was great. amusing. with golden costumes and masks and such.

good that i met friends from france and alex & joell from class so that we could move onto the other end of town.
again the music disapponted me; electronic all right but my expectations are high
i have my online music - if i go out it bettter beat the music i already listen to online
i dont have good speakers - if i had a great sound sysytem i would have to find another reason to go out
well i would stay indoors at night if i had a great sound system - all right

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