20 Kasım 2010 Cumartesi

turkish speaking würstelstand

the würstelstand was also turkish; he said the turkish "rule" this business here; as i am trying to take out enough coins to pay he says: "çıktığı kadar abla":)); past midnight...

at another würstelstand i am sure one of the guys is turkish - i get it from the way he coughs a little - yet he would not speak turkish

the comp. repair shop was turkish speaking and they are great at their job: RESPECT %100

the cell phone - 2 of the orange shops again i communicate in turkish
actually already the first one - he is bosnian buıt also speaks turkish - he says oh, everybody speaks turkish here:)))

and lots of negative feelings are in the air when some people find out i am turkish - not personal? - but something against the idea of turkish - turkey - politics ---

wold citizenship is on the rise and so does the racism -- always a yın-yang yes?

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