14 Kasım 2010 Pazar

timeless in wien ´a proposal in progress

trying to put together a proposal for a series of acts in urban space:
the name could be:
"timeless in wien"

timeless: temporary artistic acts, interventions, recontextualizations in the city space of vienna
a one day (24 hour) event
with actions at different "stations" in the city

each act / presence / situation is to be documented in the form of photographs
the photographs will be printed as postcards

the result will be a series of postcards acting like another map of or interoduction to or a comment on our times / moments in vienna.


1. Independent of time; eternal.
2. Unaffected by time; ageless.
3. Archaic Untimely or premature.

maybe instead of a day of events, it could be a series of silent acts n one day ´a trus situration ´and the photos will be handed in

how about using the money for masks?
a choreography in the city space making use of masks´costumes

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