28 Kasım 2010 Pazar

serbian choir / streets of vienna under a gentle snow

and today proved to be one of the best days in Wİen.
first, cleaning the house together with Dani. a real cooperation here! give me five:))

afterwards, after a few phonecalls i finally ctach up with the travelling Choir - at the Nestroyplatz we meet. they move so fast. lucky that they stop to get a bite at the Nestroyplatz. thats how i catch up with them.
and at this turkish kebab place i also meet this TUrkish young boy whom i had met at an Orange store:)) and the guys at the shop serve me and Orane some free TUrkish tea. such a treat. their kebab sucks - but then i dont eat meat anyways...

so we move all together.
we move to the integration center and sing on the stairs. i join the choir; just singing the melody. cant do the serbian words. yet they include me somehow. i am already wearing red and we are singing workers songs. then we move downstairs for some drienks and conversation. it turns out that one of the guys live in rotterdam in Charlois: that's the only place i have been to in Rotterdam. he is amazed. actually my last night at rotterdam was spent just in the garden of his house as it turns out... a small world indeed. i meet another person who teaches theatre. i will email him.

so we move once more. this time to the bus station. the bus terminal where people are leaving or arriving. we sing by a big red sign. we sing a few songs here. this time i can sing along a bit.
a lady leaves 3 euros for us. we sing a song that subverts a nationalist austrian song.

aftewords we celebrate by coffee, hot chocolate or beer. and i see this canon G11: just what i wanted to check out!!! ask and it is given... ohi life is good at moments. it is snowing. orane is lovely with a big smile. i like her. martin, alex, michi, they are fine. and the members of the choir. i decide to tieach them the "çav bella" in turkish. we agree.

and another series of good rides. this time there is an accident and we take the S-bahn.
i arrive home, under a gentle snow.

i cook some soup and continue drawing for the shortest animation ever- that i made.

this will be a busy bee week.
tomorrow, the party at cafe boem; tuesday the presentation from indonesia; wednesday video times; friday the choir; and the weekend is an escape tp the mountains!

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