30 Kasım 2010 Salı

brunnenmarkt to nachmarkt to boem

i wake up in the flat next to cafe boem. i really think it's "upstairs." i thank them for letting me sleep upstairs. but it is not upstairs:) it is the same level as the cafe and the gallery all are on the ground level. but i really believe this flat is upstairs. now i am here again for a presentation and i go to the flat to get a hairdryer and as i come back to the gallery it still fells upstairs. strange...

we wake up at 10 in the morning and start laughing over the previous nights. then we have a small chat at the gallery and i believe hundred percent that they are honest and "samimi" in their interest in all people and political matters. that's good to feel.

then we walk to the brunnenmarkt with Orane. on the way an elderly man recognizes me from the previous night - the celebration for the choir and the magazine.

in the open market by the brunnenmarkt we stop by a little shop of 2 ladies preparing "gözleme." and actually they tell me that we could also eat at the nearby cafe - that's the same business and we could also have tea there. and that's what we do. drink many small glasses of real black tea: demleme çay! ah, sonunda!

and we talk about india, i imagine her teach english to the tibetan women. and the practice of really being at a place. and we even do an iterview in french about flying in dreams. she has a gorgeous smile:) there is a little boy, playing around. a women enters with a big back of patatoes over her shoulder. she moves to a room behind the kitchen. their bathroom is very clean. i look terrible. i wash my face with some warm water. it feels good. too much pain in the world. turn pain into beauty. share. be ful of courage.

a conversation - in a similar current - cotntinues with franziska after our meeting with Bettina and Joell. We eat in an asian retaurant. coconut sauce vegetables and rice. loveşy. she also orders food for a man who is homeless. but as we go out we cannot find him. he is gone. she has been to nepal and to india. we talk about many things. she listens to my story of constantly looking at the door. we also remember this thing about association and dissociation. and about an attachment - and non-attachment to places.

maybe u think u are not attached to a place and somehow something happens and you discover you were very attached after all. OR the opposite: u think u cannot leave a place. but then as you leave, as you pack up ypur things, you realize that u invested no enrgy whatsoever in this place and that u were so dis-attached.

tibetan monks clleansing places with a ceremony. i learn that the ceremony takes an hour. i so much look forward to witness this cleaning.

the places have a memory? or it is all perception? but if it is perception there should be an outside input, right.

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