21 Kasım 2010 Pazar

kurt vonnegut

this was last week i guess. had fish soup at the kantine. not a good idea... next time i ever go, i should order a lentil soup. that was the recommendation of the waiter... yes i asked for recommendation after already having eaten the so called fish soup.

kantine is by the museums quartier. nice atmosphere; nice music; i guess also good food but i did not taste that yet. however, the lemon grass tea was good for the soul and not so good for the pocket/purse. well, it is ok. once in a while. still i cook much better at home in the 3rd district.

finally, i bought sucuk from the shop that is open till 10pm everyday. of course it is run by a turkish family. today i met the mother and the daughter. the mother recommended me the brand for the sucuk. amazing, i never thought i would like to eat meat.

but it all happened yesterday around 9 pm. after visiting steph's exibition near TAborstrase (in tribute to vasıf kortun). so i went to cafe boem. koppstrase. 16th district. there was the photographer, the father of 2 lovely children: robert. and there was another drinking mastika. it smelled so good! and i was hungry. and there was free food! a pot of white cheese, olives, olive oil and sucuk! it is bosnian sucuk and i was so hungry it was so good. along with mastika it was better. a lovely girl, MAya was at the counter. i had some handcreme - left it to her- glad it will be good for her hands that get dry due to washing glasses all the time. yes so that was all the story of sucuk. i started to eat sucuk here in vienna because of dropping by an i guess serbian cafe and eating bosnian sucuk...

"tryin to figure out where truth begins"
"more or less; one big mess"
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