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the gazed-at world /2nd district by night

Evrim Kavcar

Evrim Kavcar For there’s a limit to gazing.
And the gazed-at world
Wants to blossom in love.
-rilke - turn of the road

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Evrim Kavcar

Evrim Kavcar ‎"You who are the heaviest counterweight to my astounding contemplation."
night by rilke

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    • Evrim Kavcar
      Night. O you whose countenance, dissolved
      in deepness, hovers above my face.
      You who are the heaviest counterweight
      to my astounding contemplation.

      Night, that trembles as reflected in my eyes,
      but in itself strong;
      inexhaustible creation, dominant,
      enduring beyond the earth's endurance;

      Night, full of newly created stars that leave
      trails of fire streaming from their seams
      as they soar in inaudible adventure
      through interstellar space:

      how, overshadowed by your all-embracing vastness,
      I appear minute!---
      Yet, being one with the ever more darkening earth,
      I dare to be in you.
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