25 Kasım 2010 Perşembe

rememberance of days and first time at the FILM MUSEUM

the doors: love me two times
one night, a few weeks ago; we have a girls night out together with deniz's mom. we watch a documentary of the Doors. then go drink & sing - not necessarily doors, but we sing anyways and amuse the cafe-bar keeper. i shake hands while leaving. that means i am tipsy. and when i get drunk i start to just congratulate people. and that actullay did happen in can's sound studio. i have fragmentary memories of congratulating his flatmates several times by actually getting up and shaking their hands.

oh, well. these were in the past couple of weeks.
also, on the way from the sound studio to the school, i found a beautiful earring on the pavement and as always i picked it up but did not keep it. and put it on a cement flower pot near-by.
orane also told me that one night while we were roaming around from one exhibition to another (we visited 5 venues at least), i saw this one glove on the pavement picked it up and hung it nearby a garbage can that was hanging on a light-pole.

and one other night after the opening of Borjana's exhibition,i Borjana was on her iphone and she hit a light-pole. her forehead near the eyebrow was a little bit swollen. then we went to this KIOSK - the place is called kiosk-and waited forever to be served... the waitress was alone and also cynical - luckily i nthe end the peppers were delicious - but already we ate all that on a stomach full with beer...

oh, i am already reminescing about the times in vienna. what's up with u sweetheart, charming woman, or you fool?

jimi hendrix - purple haze
i can still listen to this music. it does not even depend on the mood. it gets you in the mood when you are just too lazy to change the music -- actually i am funnily never lazy. especially since i came here. i never act lazy. very weirdly. if i think of stg i immediately do it. oph well, still sometimes cleaning up the room might take a little while - but still no longer than a few days...

and already today, the weather was cold but there was the sun, oh sweet sun, the saviour of our morale. however, i am also fine with the grey. i also enjoy the grey or the darker tones. it makes me appreciate the sunny days more. or just it has a certain air of pain that is in a curious way still enjoyable. also i have the pink notebook and the pink umbrealla and all the colorful clothes and the flower petals to keep up the spiritts.

yes, as i know i need to go to sleep to be able to wake up in the morning, i do all the useless things. useless things are most useful most of the time. they open up space for fresh air to move in. somehow. oh precisely. precisely. that is a bit sad, but not the time to talk about that now and move on.

franziska let me know about this film screening today at night at the film museum at the all black movie room. kino number 3 - number 3 because they built th e same place 3 times- as one of the viewers eardrooped-heard me asking why it writes kino3 - and he answered...
thanks to the mint candy Franziska handed to me during one of the films, i stayed awake. actually i really enjoyed the movies and exchanged some conversation with the director afterwords. very nice man.

i really loved it when he explained that: while watching his past movies, he is actually busy thinking about the new ones he is making; so it is a process of projecting towards the future... we talked about this too. and he wrote down his website.

franziska also has a high sensibility towards the perception of places and materialty and some energy inherent in things and in spaces. it is great that we work in a group for the video project. it is lovely.

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