27 Kasım 2010 Cumartesi

dreamstate / shut your eyes and see / svankmajer

the start of the film took me by surprise.
all my urges was there; jan svankmajer expressing it all.
and keeping a chronometer:))
ok; he is family! we are relatives!

1.why would one ever spare time for contemplating upon dreams
2.walking with eyes closed - an exercise i have been doing on the streets of vienna at nights after midnight especially when there are no cars - no one - so i count how many steps i can take without opening my eyes - and do i trust that the street will still be solid and when i open my eyes : did i walk in a straight line or which direction is my inclination?

some orientation between the heart - mind / between the dreamstate - conscious? state.

the mixing up of dream and reality that comes closest to my experience of it was hilarously expressed in this movie.

and it is just a scandal that i fell asleep in the final scene.
so still so curious what happened in the ned?
but i guess i was so much satisfied with the beginning that i chose to dream the rest.

the animated pictures of freud and jung were just too amusing!!!
freud closing his eyes when the women psychoanalyst is taking off her clothes to "treat" her patient.

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