14 Kasım 2010 Pazar

Volko Kamensky: memory, history, associations, fiction&fact, documentary

Volko Kamensky: »Oral History«, a film of fiction&fact.

"Since individual memory as well as the past ‘itself’ are inaccessible, external, timeless representations of past events serve as proxies and educational means to es- tablish a stable notion of historical fact — on the level of the universal (like the state) or the local (like a family). History as a science maintains a distinct skepticism toward the idea of consistent history and holds that the historical is characterized by contingency regarding the past events, their mediation and their interpretation today.6"

Artificial, Natural, Historical: Ambiguities of Synthetic Sound in Documentary Film

Julian Rohrhuber


totally amusing series of films... we watched last week in the semperdepot...

1. oral history

2.all that we have

3. roundabout

i cannot upload my own images due to a failure in my comp....


my comp. !!!!

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