24 Kasım 2010 Çarşamba

girl power / twist of magic / rocket jump

Spiklenci slasti / Conspirators of Pleasure
Barevný, 35 mm
Česká republika, 1997, 75 min
Sekce: Pocta Janu Švankmajerovi

spiklenci slasti/jan svankmajer; vegetable dinner with coconut sauce (ella's specialty); mom made schnapps (from the mountains); going over ideas for new works yet to come; the wind oh the wind; the dance of a table cloth; people getting cold

and it feels just -in place - to be back in the first house that i have ever stayed in vienna.
i believe the objects are alive with souls maybe everywhere but especially in this house they have a twist of magic.

we go over idioms of flying. watch excerpts from documantaries.i learn about the jumps in games.
and the Jan Svankmajer - Spiklenci Slasti - Conspirators Of Pleasure
and it reminds me somehow of kieslowski: "the double life of veronique"
so we watch the excerpt where he is moving the marionettes; and she watches his reflection as he is controlling the marionettes...

and i tell ella about my plan to do this story - interview on flying... i construct it as i explain it; finally.

thanks, ella.

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