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timeless in wien: call for proposals /24.11.2010 10 a.m.

dear friends,

timeless: temporary artistic acts, interventions, re-contextualizations in the city space of Vvienna
aA one- day (24 hour) event
with actions at different "stations" in the city

each enactedact / presence / situation is to be documented in the form of &through photographs
which will be printed on postcard
the photographs will be printed as postcards / or will be put together in one poster

The result will be a series of postcards - or a poster - will be acting as like another introductory map of or
introduction to or a comment on our times / moments in vVienna.


1. Independent of time; eternal.
2. Unaffected by time; ageless.
3. Archaic Untimely or premature.

timeless·ly adv.

timeless·ness n.

Call for projects: Ccontributions are welcome!

You maycontributebe just by pointing out o a detail in the city or merely aybe withm through your
presence at a specific spot in the city at a specific time realizing a specific action.

tThe important thing is to define ways of relating to the city and to the concept of the "timelessness

in terms of performances. T, the time limit is 5 minutes at most.

The projects budget will be spent on the overall projectthe money will be spent on:

1.map of stations

2. documentation of the events

3. flyers

4. designing and printing of postcards / transforming action s-perceptions into the form of a
postcard / or a poster

5. individual needs of participating artists to be negotiated

Iit is possible to turn this into a postcard project, where each participantator documents,/ reflects
/or acts upon the city with the idea of the timelessness on a particular day. than collecting tThese
moments will be collected and publishedand publisihing them as a collection of postcards:

timeless in wien

also we might talk about:
a project between the private and the public response
the subjective and the objective
in spots of vienna that different people somehow respond to-

the deadline for proposals : 24.11.2010 wednesday
a meeting on wednesday at 10 o'clock

it would be great if we could also talk about the stuff below / or some of it at least /


(his silent protest flyers are very interesting... very imaginative and political at the same time):

pierre huyghe:

"Streamside Day" video by Pierre Huyghe :

(e-Xplo develops maps, routes, sound and film materials as reflections of a multifaceted investigation into location, context, social identity, landscape, and the public space of information.)
http://www.orbit.zkm.de/?q=node/380 (gabriel orozco's "homerun" where he places oranges in people's windows)
(i find her performances very interesting)


oliver ressler

alex villar's actions





(she did a black ball performance in istanbul; rolling a huge black ball in the streets; in public spaces)




OHO, Irwin, Janez Janša, Janez Janša, Janez Janša
Exhibit curator: Zdenka Badovinac

and those interested further
this has some bibliography...regarding urban interventions

The Interventionists: Art in the Social Sphere
also here exists a list of artists dealing with related matters...

i could also do a short presentation of a survey of some interventions in so called public space if your are interested.
i like it already so just tell me if we are interested so that i bring my flashdisk...


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