12 Ekim 2010 Salı

viyana'nın ortasındaki kilisenin bir geceliğine dönüşümü / the transformation of VotivKİrche for a night

in istanbul, I forgot to complete the paper work for studying in vienna - and i flew and came here and started classes - so some people are wondering how... i guess there was a crack in the system and i flew in:))) and for those who are not aware, i should have kept silent...

lots of coincidences are taking place...

the other day i had emailed a group of friends from istanbul (recently we had - and we still have an exhibition together). i emailed, saying that i am in vienna and they sould let me know if they come here. and right away, i received an email from Serkan, a photographer, saying thet he is in vienna for one night and that there is a concert in VOTİVkirche. so i directly put on my nice dress and went into the concert. which was a big big surprise because it was SEMA's performance, she was singing from NAZIM HIKMET & BRECHT. It as a special event... And actually, because of the acoustics, I thought of you. Sometimes the lovely notes, and the amazing voice of Sema really resonated with the Votivkirche, and sometimes the church swallowed the sounds... LAter on, i found my self among the musicians and organizators of this group: from TUrkey and from other countries. we had some food at this Café Landtmann... yes, it was expensive. (the person serving the food - when i smile, he smiles, when people are cool he is cool... anyways... the pumpkin soup was good and so was my company of lovely people. Evrim Demirel, a TUrkish composer - very young and talented. For the first time I met him. And Sema, she was lovely. The thing you told me about how good artists are also generally good people... it proved to be true in this case... There was SEvecen, just like her name, she is lovely. Serkan, my photographer friend - if he had not emailed me that quickly this would have just slipped away... And the cello player, he is also very young and talented. Actually, I really love NAzım's poetry, so it was such a treat!!!! Nazım & Brecht in Votivkirche! )

now, this church is not only a touristic attraction but a reminder of NAzım's poetry, Brecht's touch, Sema's voice, Evrim's (piano), cagatay?s (cello), Serkan's photos, Sevecen's lovely gestures... Oh and, while looking for the bathroom i found my self in some kind of a hly room with the Christian dresses - a private room i guess.. i might have pissed off a few people... but they should have a sign for the bathroom - how shall i know? :)))

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