12 Ekim 2010 Salı

1 dergi - 1 grup - 1 sanatçı ve PAstör/ 1 magazine- 1 group - 1 artist and PAsteur

1. derivé: http://www.derive.at/
2. gangart (simonetta ferfoglia and heinrich pichler: now@gangart.org, gangart.org)
3. annette wehrmann: http://www.kunstaspekte.de/index.php?action=webpages&k=3583

Ruby has shared these links with me. She is great! (Dear PAsteur) ,"Chance favors the prepared mind" right? . All I was thinking of, the questions I had in mind, she is coming up with the perfect links... It is so good to have clear-thinking, open-minded people whose way of life is to share... first i thought these were classes. then i saw the first is a magazine,

dérive - Zeitschrift für Stadtforschung Zeitschrift für Stadtforschung

the next is the :

Gangart's work has developed from performative and architectonic-interventionisitic concerns with urban spaces - with a critical focus on the ambivalent modernity in Austrian post-war urbanism and its implications of ideological constitution and continuities (performances: FIAT! - 1988, icons - 1991; exhibition: Die Form der Zeit - 1993) - to processes of research on appropriation of physical and social spaces, and to the conception and curating of exhibitions in museums and institutions (installations: Permanent Collection of Oriental Carpets / MAK / 1993, TransModernity / NY-Vienna-Pittsburgh / 2000; curating: Transfer Damaskus / Vienna-Damascus-Budapest / 2002, Knots symmetric_asymmetric / MAK / 2003, Architecture Biennale - Austrian Pavillon / Venice / 2004).

These occupations include issues of migration, cultural and political representation, performativity and shaping of the built environment.

From mid 90ties on there has been constant involvement in participative and community programs (with dezentrale Kunst, Initiative Minderheiten etc.) as well as university teaching and cooperations (Technical University Vienna, University of Applied Arts Vienna, Anthropological Sociological Center / University Amsterdam, Architectural Faculty Damascus etc.).

Gangart operates as a transdisciplinary team in the fields of Fine Arts, Architecture, Film, Music.

and the next is an artist:

Annette Wehrmann

Ruby bu bağlantı adreslerini benimle paylaştı. Asistanımız. Hazırlıklı olan bir zihne, şans da yardımcı olur gibi bir deyişi vardı Pastör'un sanırım. Şimdi Ruby, ilgilendiğim konulara göre hemen öyle guzel bağlantılar oneriyor ki... once hepsini ders sandım, ama dergi ve sanatçı grubu adresleri imiş.. gayet yerinde.

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