27 Ekim 2010 Çarşamba

doggies & rathaus / köpekcikler ve rathaus

at the place where this lovely dog is standing, it is difficult to stay standing... the metro moves like a snake... and luckily the dog has 4 feet for balance... still he was of course very happy to get out at a stop - at rathaus maybe

i guess the public space rules apply to dogs here, too. no matter how docile the dog is, i have seen a lot of people putting these things on the dogs... and for a dog :& cat loving person, this city is full of attended dogs as you turn around each corner... when i get little sleep, i keep seeing dogs or cats under cars... and once i am sure there really was something escaping under a car... maybe a rat? not so far from the rathaus :P oh, this is a very very bad joke... actually, the rathaus bulding is too beautiful for a governmental building... but impressive enough -- all about prestige right...

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