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ayakları uzatıp film seyretme lüksü / the luxury of watching a film (El topo)

(The gunfighter El Topo ("The Mole") and his young son ride through a desert to a village, whose inhabitants have been massacred. Bandits are nearby, torturing and killing the survivors. El Topo rescues a woman (Mara), who leads him on a mission to find and defeat the four master gunmen of the desert. Leaving his son with a group of monks, El Topo and Mara complete the mission, accompanied by a mysterious woman in black. The women leave El Topo wounded in the desert, where he is found by a clan of deformed people who take him to the remote cavern where they live. Awakening years later, he goes with a dwarf woman to a nearby town, promising to dig a tunnel through which the cave-dwellers can escape. They find the town run by a vicious sheriff and home to a bizarre religious cult. El Topo's son, now a man, is a monk in the town. The completion of the tunnel leads El Topo, the townspeople, and the cave-dwellers to a bloody and tragic end.)

midnight screening at WUK - WAhringerstr. 59

this is in response to a post of a great guy, Alp!
he posted that we should better be conscious of the fact that watching a Tv, in a position where you extend your feet (ayakları uzatmanın ingilizcesi nedir) is one of the greatest luxuries given to humankind.

so, i am now recalling yesterday's midnight movie at a performance space called (God's Entertainment). Haha now i realize that, and yes, it was a great luxury to watch El Topo in an art space together with some people and also a flower-seller (originally from Egypt)... and not on Tv but on a big projection on the wall.

Behind the wall is four pieces of art works if i remember right: The flags of countries made up of banknotes of another country in dispute. Is dispute the right word? Such as: PAlestenian flag made up of Israeli banknotes... and of course also Armenian flag with TUrkish banknotes... So we get talking about the Armenian so called genocide. So if it is called a genocide will Armenia also open up the documents from that period of time? Or why not do it simultaneously and do this in the name of world peace? Sometimes even talking about it becomes impossible. So how to go about that. And also here we are talking about the Ottoman Empire where the way of ruling is bizarre anyways. If calling somethin a genocide will finish up the disputes and war... It is so so tragic that in this century there has been hundreds of mass - murders... http://www.hrw.org/reports/1995/communal/ (here the term is communal violence - but whatever you cal it violence is violence no matter how it is named.)
So he says that this film El Topo is that point of starting from scratch...where evrybody accepts that everybody is guilty somehow including himself/herself. Sı i think: anyone innocent? (MAybe some poeple already living isolated - so does that make them guilty of not standing against anything in other parts of the world? )

And i recall my question once again: NOt only my question but i guess a common question :
How does one talk about violence without reproducing it?

(((son dakika: heyyo! beni film festivalininkonserine çağırdı Dani:)) 10 oclock -- schwedenplatz - orania - white special form - round badishiff:))) so between universal - local - personal going round and round. OSCILLATION in Suzanne's words. Her lecture was excellent. Suzanne Milevska. LOvely.

Behiç Alp Aytekin ayakları uzatıp, televizyona bakabilmek insanogluna bahsedilmis en buyuk lukslerden... farkina variniz.. :)
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    • Evrim Kavcar ayakları uzatıp, duvardaki koca projeksiyonda oynayan ve kendi sectiğin filme bakmak daha da bi luks -- dun gece bi performans grubunun mekanında gece 12 gosterimi vardı - mısırlı bir çiçek satıcısı da geldi oturdu yanıma hepberaber seyrettik - "el topo" - herkes baca gibi sigara tüttürmese iç mekanlarda baya bi lükstü aslında - - bi de devamlı kuruyemişler geliyor bardaklarda elden ele -- bir an senin evde hepberaber oturuyormusuz gibi hissettim

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