16 Ekim 2010 Cumartesi

connecting the dots / noktaları birleştir

well, yesterday morning and yesterday night, i began connecting the dots. the dots are the metro stations: the U2, U4, U3, etc...
in the morning, i felt like walking instead of taling the metro. and i am not using a map. just looking ahead and around and walk on. i was finally going to go to the studio to work. i continued on on Taborstrase. and there i was on the bridge over the river:))
and there on the other side of the river (which is not so wide at all) was the Schwedenplatz:))
so between the Taborstrase station and the schwedenplatz it was only walking distance.

for the first time, i got konturs for my austrian number. there was this" tabak" shop. the old man inside had a cigarette in his mouth while serving the customers... it hink austrian and the turkish share a "nicotin" bloodline somehow... anyways, i though he gave me a receipt but actually that receipt also had the code of how to put konturs in the cellphone. and i read it and understood it. i verstehe deutsch. almost.:)

so, on the other side of the bridge there was a nice place to get some soup. delicious. the table had an orange pumpkin on it. and the man serving was nice. as i was leaving he told me that i am a nice person and that i should come again. they had these blankets on the chairs to keep you warm so as i was leaving, i folded the blanket. maybe thats why he thought i am nice... i made full use of their table. i had my box of pens and papers and stuff. i keep on sticking things in my notebook like a diary. it's fun.
and what is more fun is: so i am at this viennese restaurant and the tea comes from london. and the tee is green tea. very bizarre:))
there was a fig tree, as well. i made a photo.

and afterwards, off to Karlsplatz to the studio. I am still not registered. so i asked the doorkeeper hpw to enter the studio. zwei - ein - neun -- somebpdy was already in the studio luckiliy, the man told me. so i climb the lovely huge stairs. and there are friends working.
oh and,
yesterday i made some shopping from a 2nd hand store. a little frog statuette, a wooden box, a little a very little wooden cupboard and a binocular bag (witout the binocculars inside)...
so, that's how i started the second time in the studio. the first time in the studio had started with a fly on my table. and the second day, a frog. i set my table now. the spirits are nice for the moment. ..
and new friends told me aboput this sauna events, music , exhibition and so on. since the drinks cost over there, before going there we had some white wine. i drank that out of a small coffee cup. and there was this lovely lovely dog. 6months. the name is somethiğng like nina? or i am now probably just imaginibg a name... anyways she was very happay to play around; an d than she fell asleep leaning on my lap...
conversation was good and we were at the conzert hall... met more people, had some drinks, actually met interesting people.
so here i need to write something about a shooting ground, and some photographs and a work that i enjoyed and a black nice dog that waited for his owner for a long time just standing by the door and each time the door opened he had this hope that his owner was coming in...

so about 2 in the morning, i am hungry. this person who is an art manager and also works in the shooting ground tells me where i can go get a bite to eat. so off i go... but i walk more than i need to. so i end up in the irish bar flanagans:) with lovely Dorris, and Barry and Steven. good irish pals. i cannot find the red scarf i lost there 2 days ago. but i find some friendship and more deep conversation... i get a veggie burger from a neighbouring place. the portion is big so we share it with the girls. and steven asks me how i imagine myself in 2 years. i cannot answer. (i guess just doing more art. finding a voice more sturdy - more strong - and more peaceful even...? i will think. i can just live the moment. one moment creates the next moment. but eventuallyi i also am able to do some klind of planning. because a lot to do and little time. one needs to have a general plan but be relaxed about the process...) so i step out and a guy comes up to me asks me if i am spanish. he is drunk. his friends grab him and take him away. they say they are afghan. i say i am turkish. they say i am spanish. and my new friend, the good irish pal also comes out. so i wave him goodbye at the metro U4 - he is off to ireland a few hours later -- and as i walk to U2, the metro is just waiting for me. and i am home.
and ella calls me in the morning, saying i can live in her room for 2 weeks for sure and also a month:))
so keep connecting the dots and the world is small after all...

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