4 Aralık 2010 Cumartesi

enigmatic key-words/ tez / thesis / muammalı -gizemli

hazy, faint, indistinct; ambiguous; uncertain, not clearly perceived in the mind, not distinctly seen, not explicit, unclear in thinking, unverified
dimdark; faint, indistinct, dip, dull in color, improbable, low beams, make dim; become faint, make or become dim, not clear to the mind, not clearly visible, not easy to perceive, not seeing clearly, not well lit, producing little light, switch to low be...
obscuredark, darken, hard to understand, indistinct, known to few people, make unclear, make vague; make indistinct; make cloudy, unimportant or unknown, unstressed, hazy; dark, dim; unknown, concealed, mysterious; not clear; hard to understand; not noticeabl...
indeterminategrowing at tip, having no numerical meaning, indefinite, not known exactly, uncertain, unclear, ambiguous; indecisive, undecided, unsettled, unpredictable, vague, with an infinite number of solutions

ambiguous, difficult to interpret, providing ambiguous information or answers (especially with intent to deceive); ambiguous, having two or more possible meanings; questionable, doubtful; uncertain, undecided, raising doubts

indeterminate, not clear, too many to count, unclear, vague, indistinct; having no set limits; undefined; of a word or phrase which not does not specifically define the word to which it refers (Grammar), unlimited, vague and uncertain
muddyconfused, covered in mud; turbid, cloudy; filled with mire; hazy, vague, lacking clarity, make dirty with mud, cover in mud; cloud, make impure; confuse the issue, make unclear, make something muddy, make something unclear, marked with mud, resembling mud
nebulousrelating to nebulas, unclear, vague, hazy; like a nebula, vaporous
psychophysicalpertaining to the relationship between physical stimuli and the manner in which they are perceived in the mind (Psychology)
rumorgossip, spread hearsay, tell a rumor, unverified information spread by gossip, idle speculation, to pass on rumors, unverified report, uproar
inexplicitnot made clear, unclear, ambiguous, not clearly expressed or stated
indistinctfaint, vague, unclear; not easily discerned or distinguished by the senses
mistycovered in mist, dim and indistinct, hazy, foggy; vague, obscure; made of mist, like mist, sad and nostalgic
equivocatebe ambiguous, prevaricate, use words with double meanings (especially with intent to deceive),be deliberately unclear

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