6 Aralık 2010 Pazartesi

busyy bee, that's me / sounds of the city

busy busy day.
finally i am home; and still need to work more. this is something other than a need; a passion i guess. so curious what will come out of these sound recordings, notes, and drawings.
so i guess now i need to make a schedule. i am terrible with schedules. yet always enjoy the challenge. so since making a schedule is a challenge, i should also enjoy that...

i am in love with the ZOOM sound recorder. I went to many spots, recorded all kinds (not all but many) kinds of sounds that i had an intuition i would use in trhe video and the animation. and also, when i am back in istanbul, it will be lovely to listen to the sounds. sounds are more real than pictures. somehow. they live in the present tense.

i sat among a group of birds. pigeons. they were not afraid of me. they came near my feet, my bag. they were busy trying to eat the pieces of dry bread. "dry": at that moment i could not remember this word. i said "solid." but anyways, i thought i was recording, but as it turns out, i did not record. you have to push twice. and i pushed only once on the record button. yes, the perfect way to learn is to make mistakes; is to fail!

kings of convenience sings that well:
Failure is always the best way to learn,
Retracing your steps untill you know,
Have no fear your wounds will heal.

bugun ses çekimi yaptım sokaklarda. kuş kanatları sesleri çektiğimi sandım ama meğer makinayı kullanmayı bilememişim çekmemiş. neyse . başka sesler çektim. yarın artık bi daha denicem kuş kanatlarını.
ama baya kuşların arasında allahın soğuğunda da oturdum yani. ve kaçmadılar. bıdı bıdı yuruyorlardı. az ucup konyorlardı

i had white tea with sweet luzi and johannes. i stopped by the labFactory to loook for my camera. and there i met Lutzi, so actually she is working there now, it turns out. i was so happy to see her. we looked around for my camera. and on that black box actually two hair-clips of mine were still standing. and finally the camera was also in the office.
and Lutzie said we could drink something warm at their place which was very near. it was really near. and such a cosy, beautiful, tidy house. there was a swing:( of course, i got on it. and some lovely conversation, completed with a twist of chocolate. so it was st. niklas day today as it turns out. so we HAD TO eat some chocolate. JOhannes is from Finland. I would love to visit Finland. I think Lutzi is from Steria. I am so curious about the mountainside of Austria. I believe most of the people i have met so far are from the mountains. And they are nice. they have a different sensibility towards materials. things. i like that. and she had some paintings from a street artist. i must learn the name. i forgıt the name.
a nd i learned a neue word today:
the person in charge of the sound& video equipment taught me that. mr. hoerman. he has photos of Greek İSlands. I told him: "ich schwimme im meine draum." i am not sure if this is right; but "er versteht":P
i had made a photo of the photo of the greeek island with my cell phone. i should also transfer my photos from the cell phone. oh i should have hundreds by now...

yes, finally somebody thought i was JAPANESE! this afroamerican guy who sells homeless people's newspapers in the Kardinal NAgl PLatz. We met in other metro stations too. HE greets me all the time. He asked for my numberi but i said i had a TUrkish number. It's ok. He is from Cameroon. and i need to ask his name again. I think it is GODLUT.

i will write more and also upload some photos. now i need to drink some warm tea and listen to goo dmusic and take care so that i do not succumb to the flu. oh, yes, the flu. "the bloody cold"...
i adore how a person's use of language is passed on to another person. that's some empathy... or a flock psychology; hmm i would prefer empathy.

and today at some point, between many errands and places, i checked my emails from the MAc store. kids were playing computer games. I really recommend the Mac store fro checking your emails. it felt like a MAc-bar:P just needed some drinks. oh well... they wouldn't appreciate a cup of tea or hot kids punch near the MAcs, right.

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