31 Aralık 2010 Cuma

january JAms to catch; things to do ; a list finally

A. submission to utopia and reality (jan 15)
A2. ask for letters!!!! kimden? amanın.
1.prepare pieces for end of january exhibition - at this architectural office
2.wrap up and finish the project of i beleive i can fly
(-see where u can get good printouts
-capture your dvds to comp - oh get an external drive
-email the workers coalition follow up on the filika)
3.finish the shortest animation ever
4.shape up the next ani,mation: meryem, the imam and the cucumbers
5.combine the sound with the images for: the orange plastic thing - obstacle
6.put the fake tomb images together at least. sound part is mabe not so realistic in this busy schedule

DO ONE THING AT A TIME - will this ever be possible - if i lessen the time; then it is possible. with shifts between projects; next, next; back; revolve, evolve, around and round (again i am looking for a word... let me see... oscillations - thanks to suzana milevska - in her presentation at vienna technical university, she named things so well. and she stressed upon this word: OSCILLATIONS
Oscillation is the repetitive variation, typically in time, of some measure about a central value (often a point of equilibrium) or between two or more different states. Familiar examples include a swinging pendulum and AC power. The term vibration is sometimes used more narrowly to mean a mechanical oscillation but sometimes is used to be synonymous with "oscillation". Oscillations occur not only in physical systems but also in biological systems and in humansociety.)

Swiss artists Peter Fischli and David Weiss on “How to Work Better:

1. Do one thing at a time

2. Know the problem

3. Learn to listen

4. Learn to ask questions

5. Distinguish sense from nonsense

6. Accept change as inevitable

7. Admit mistakes

8. Say it simple

9. Be calm

10. Smile

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