27 Aralık 2010 Pazartesi

daily doze of Blanchot / gündelik

"gündelik olan kaçar. bu onun tanımıdır. gündelik olan tam da kendi edimselleşmesinden önemli ya da önemsiz hiçbir olayın hiçbir zaman üretemeyeceği daimi bir gerçekleşmemiş olandır"
maurice blanchot

i need to step out to the sun. i have been missing on daylight for the past one week.
now take the camera and step out.
and reflect upon maurice blanchot and take time with your applications at night.

the daily slips... escapes... that's the description of the mundane, the daily. it is that thing that never happened. ... ok; i need a better translation of that. which book was that? hangi kitaptı?

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Here it is:)

Maurice BLANCHOT, The Infinite Conversation, University of Minnesota Press, 1993

“XI. Everyday Speech

Despite massive development of the means of communication, the everyday escapes. This is its definition. We cannot help but miss it if we seek it though knowledge, for it belongs to a region where there is still nothing to know, just as it is prior to all relation in so far as it has always already been said, even while remaining unformulated, that is to say, not yet information. It is not the implicit (of which phenomenology has made broad use); be sure, it is always already there, but that is may be there does not guarantee its actualization. On the contrary, the everyday is always unrealized in its very actualization which no event, however important or however insignificant, can ever produce. Nothing happens; this is everyday. But what is the meaning of this stationary movement? At what level is this ‘nothing happens’ situated? For whom does ‘nothing happen’ if, for me, something is necessarily always happening? In other words, what corresponds to the ‘who?’ of the everyday? And, at the same time, why, in this ‘nothing happens’, is there the affirmation that something essential might be allowed to happen?”

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