24 Aralık 2010 Cuma

moments of the weird / garip anlar

ev.k; uBAhn, vienna
i sit opposite the mother and the child
the mother takes out this thing. she opens the transparent plastic bag. lets it out.
a weird moment. the child trying to hold this torso. i look at the child's feet. the child has a second body. soft. except for the neck. wood instead of veins and blood.

something is happening at this moment.
cannot tell exactly what.

"dont undress my love
you might find a mannequin
dont undress the mannequin
you might find love.
shes long ago forgotten me.
hes trying on a new hat and looks more the coquette then ever.
she is a child and a mannequin and death.
i can't hate that.
she didnt do anything unusual.
I only wanted her to. "
— Charles Bukowski (Love is a Dog From Hell: Poems, 1974-1977)

"We see that in the organic world, to the same degree that reflection gets darker and weaker, grace grows ever more radiant and dominant. But just as two lines intersect on one side of a point, and after passing through infinity, suddenly come together again on the other side; or the image in a concave mirror suddenly reappears before us after drawing away into the infinite distance, so too, does grace return once perception, as it were, has traversed the infinite--such that it simultaneously appears the purest in human bodily structures that are either devoid of consciousness or which possess an infinite consciousness, such as in the jointed manikin or the god."
— Heinrich von Kleist (Selected Prose of Heinrich von Kleist)

"this, then, is how we first came across the fearsome secret history of turkey's mannequins."
— Orhan Pamuk (The Black Book)

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