13 Aralık 2010 Pazartesi

ferda, mahmut, let's cook some food!

dinner with ella

ev.k; cumhuriyet köyü;
missing upper experimental communal food

"You can't just eat good food. You've got to talk about it too. And you've got to talk about it to somebody who understands that kind of food."
Kurt Vonnegut (Jailbird)

with orane we had some food with some spinach and cheese filling. i had to add some spices to enhance the taste. ferda, mahmut! i miss the land and look forward to cooking with whoever is there when i am back. for the moment, i call in chances to cook together. and these chances do come upon my summoning luckily. one on this tursday, poem at boem. a potluck coming up. and another one even sooner: we are to do a cooking intervention, right. marco polo, make a sound to come in to the kitchen.

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