15 Mart 2011 Salı

the shop for distant realities / ismi tuhafiyeci olmayan tuhafiye

koşuyolu Porsan (the shop where irrelevant things exist side by side / a secret tuhaf-iyeci; a tuhafiyeci which is not called a tuhafiyeci...); probably 1996... my niece hugging the almost scary weird sculpture who is hugging the air...

"My most important problem was destroying the lines of demarcation that separate what seems real from what seems fantastic."
Gabriel García Márquez

back to writing and producing along with the bizarre waves of the fantastic, the weird, the ironic. and still craving for the better words. travelling between "tuhaf " and "fantastik" in TUrkish. but "ironic" does not serve the same purpose... "how ironic" - ironic is somehow more tangible. but "tuhaf" is more ambiguous. it is the summary of a particular way of perception and particular way of existence. tuhafiye. my parents for years have been running a shop where unrelated - far realities - exist side by side. this is actually called a "tuhafiye": the place who sells the weird. the weirdest of it all is their place was never called a "tuhafiye." but it got weirder each year... tuhafiye is the palace of shortcurcuits and of metaphors. where distant realities clash to create ghosts that go deep in one's psyche.

i guess my first attempt for an outdoor sculpture was in response to the weirdness of my families absurd shop. we placed it in front of the shop. as rain slowly washed it away; the figure got thinner... a pregnant lady was afraid of it. some loved it. some started to leave their books below it as if it were a tree. not to scare the pregnant lady anymore, we put it away...

all that remains of it is an absurd photograph...

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