13 Mart 2011 Pazar

çatlak / crack (or turkish slang for crazy)

there are countless cracks in Istanbul. some cracks leak. some cracks sing. some cracks are like threats. they startle you in the dark. cracks crack up to swallow you in. and then cracks vomit you out onto busy streets. the streets are so busy that people do not notice a newly vomitted person like you are. cracks are alive. crick crack. "çatlak" is the Turkish word for crack. you also call a person "çatlak." "ÇAtlak" is a person who acts her own way, not bothering about social codes, formalities and such... "çatlak" is home to all street fluids. All fluids find a crack to rach down deep in the ground...
in Vienna, on the streets of asphalt, cracks were made visible by snow. Those cracks are the bases for space ships. spacecrafts are made of snow and live in cracks. if they donot return to space, they melt into waters and leak underground and become the fresh air in the summer. we are breathing in spacecrafts to come closer to stars.

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