6 Ocak 2011 Perşembe

toothbrush, disco lights, westbahnhof / lapa günü

yes; i do surprise myself. each day.

just a night that i am sure i am not going out at all, i spend the whole night out. meeting lovely people, listening to some dubstep, "next level beats :P, and portishead! for god's sake! Clemens has such a comfortable house - made for his kids. Kids drwaings are adorable. HE got these disco lights for the kids; and it works magically on me. And this other person, MAnfred, is i guess a good Dj. Must find that out before I leave Vienna. And Chris is very semantic. That is the final decision. I do not remember the name of this other person who fell in love with my socks.

İch verstehe jedes wort. so c told me that I should say this. And i started to say it. and i am saying it.

but then we watched endless things. Black Books, my favorite was this time rivaled by IT CROWD! and then some HOUSE M.D and then a film in between. some mexican spanish i heard. and all in between i sleep, trying to recover from a cold. actually staying under the blanket all day really worked. i feel the energy to go back to work. my hands are excited to use the tablet again for a new collage.

i really liked the huge couch. but for that couch one needs a huge home. for a huge home what does one need. but i just would be fine with a little room with high ceiling in istnabul. close to my studio. it is so weird that i enjot time by myself so much more as time goes by... well, enjoying a night out is hilarous, too. i guess things balance each other soemhow.

but those south african white rappers were just too hilarous to watch.

the little market at westbahnhof was still open around 10pm.
and i start to take my antibiotics.
too many associative thinking going on at the moment.

all i could think was this animation as i was avoiding to get sentimental over a friend's heartache.

oh my stomach was upset but now it is better.
rice worked. rice with lots of water. meaning: LAPA

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